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Dear Readers,

Over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of helping more than 20,000 Pennsylvania personal injury victims recover damages for their injuries. 

While each of the tens of thousands of cases that I have handled is unique, there are some common questions many new clients have. This website is designed to provide you with general information about Pennsylvania car accident law. However, because each case is unique, I encourage you to call me with any questions that you might have about your particular case.

I believe that my clients deserve a lawyer who is experienced, who is accessible to them, and who is well respected in the community.

I don’t want you to suffer because of someone else’s negligence. I’ve spent my life helping victims recover the damages to which they are legally entitled and I want to help you do the same. Please browse this website, and call me at (800) 818-8148 for more information.

With my best wishes for a complete recovery,

Jon Ostroff

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A victim is entitled to damages if his or her injuries were caused by negligent driving. Call Jon Ostroff if you've been hurt by a distracted driver.

Why Hire Jon Ostroff?

Jon Ostroff, a 20/20 lawyer, is one of the few lawyers that has helped over 20,000 Pennsylvania accident victims over the past 20 years, recovering over a million dollars for many of his clients.

Jon Ostroff knows how get results. Let him help you get you a recovery for your accident.

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Auto Accident Victims' Guide

You are an auto accident victim. You and your family may suffer property damage, terrible injuries, or even death. Life will be different. You need help.

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When should I start my lawsuit?

ASAP, your lawyer will need to start asking questions and getting answers from witnesses.