How Tickling Can be Dangerous


There is a lot to worry about when it comes to teen driving.  We regularly hear about horrific cases involving drinking and driving, cell phone use and driving, and speeding.  Yet, we rarely hear about tickling.

Now We Know: Tickling Can be a Dangerous Distraction While Driving

On Sunday June 6, 2010 a 16 year old Schuylkill County driver was hurt when her boyfriend started tickling her while she was driving on Route 325 in Rush Township.  The girl, apparently distracted by the tickling, went off the road and hit a tree. She was taken to Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

Distracted driving can happen in many different ways.  It is not always a cell phone that causes the distraction.  We are pleased to report that this driver only had minor injuries as a result of her distracted driving accident. We hope that other drivers learn from this distracted driving incident and avoid future accidents.

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