Limited Tort Lawsuits

PA Personal Injury Victims With Limited Tort can always Recover Certain Damages

Yes You Can! You CAN Always Recover Some Insurance Benefits and Coverages Even if you Chose Limited Tort.

If you were injured in a PA auto accident and you are bound by the limited tort insurance option, there are some benefits you are still entitled to in all cases. You can recover for your damages related to pain and suffering in some cases as we

PA Accident Victims with Limited Tort can always recover these benefits, regardless of who caused your accident:

  • PA car owners are required to carry at least $5,000 in medical coverage on their insurance policy and many vehicle owners carry far more. You, your family, and other uninsured occupants of your motor vehicle will rely on your medical benefits to pay for your accident related injuries.
  • If you chose wage loss coverage on your insurance policy, your insurance company must pay you this benefit if your doctor disabled you from work due to injuries you sustained in your accident.
  • If you selected optional collision coverage, pursuant to the terms of your insurance policy with regard to deductibles and capped amounts, your company will be responsible for paying to repair the physical damage to your vehicle, or to replace your vehicle, if the cost of repairing the physical vehicle damage exceeds 85% of the value of an automobile.

If another party caused your accident, PA Accident Victims with Limited Tort can always recover the insurance coverage listed below from the other driver’s insurance company.

  • The insurance company for the driver who caused your PA Auto Accident must always pay the accident related medical bills and costs that are over and above the amount of insurance provided by your own company.
  • If your doctor disabled you from work due to injuries you sustained in your accident, the insurance company for the driver who caused your PA Auto Accident must always reimburse you for the wage loss you sustained and which exceeded the amount not covered by your insurance policy.
  • The at-fault driver’s insurance company is always responsible for repairing or replacing the physical damage sustained by your car. You will not be required to pay a deductible when the at-fault driver’s insurance pays for your property damage.
  • Also, while you are waiting for your car to be repaired or replaced, the at-fault driver’s insurance company must pay for you to rent a car that was comparable to the one damaged in the accident.

Ask personal injury lawyer Jon Ostroff.

Ever since Limited Tort became part of the law in Pennsylvania, the limited tort lawyer Jon Ostroff has been recovering money and benefits for PA accident victims who chose Limited Tort! As a rare “20/20” attorney, after 20,000 cases and 20 years of experience focusing on these cases only, you can be sure that if anyone can help you get around limited tort, it’s Jon Ostroff!

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