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Changes Coming for Pennsylvania Motorists in March 2012

On November 9, after years of legislative negotiation and failed attempts to pass a distracted driving law, Governor Corbett signed a law that prohibits Pennsylvania drivers from texting and driving while a vehicle is moving.

As of March 8, 2012 the new Pennsylvania texting and driving law will be enforceable and drivers found to be texting and driving may be pulled over and fined. For purposes of the law, texting and driving is defined as reading, writing or sending a text based message or browsing the web on a wireless device.

The law makes texting and driving a primary offense and drivers may be pulled over even if they do not commit another offense. The cost of the fine is currently set at $50. However, motorists are urged to remember that the cost may be much higher if they cause an accident and hurt or kill someone because of their distracted driving.