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8 Types of Driver Errors That Cause Pennsylvania Crashes

Recently, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation released information regarding 2009 Pennsylvania accidents.  According to the data, some degree of driver error is present in the majority of accidents.  Typically, the driver error occurs in one of the following eight ways*:

  • Speeding (32,669 crashes including 538 fatal crashes)
  • Distracted Driving (12,390 crashes including 57 fatal crashes)
  • Improper Turning (11,766 crashes including 52 fatal crashes)
  • Drunk Driving (10,871 crashes including 215 fatal crashes)
  • Proceeding Without Clearance (7,517 crashes including 44 fatal crashes)
  • Tailgating (4,746 crashes including 21 fatal crashes)
  • Careless or Illegal Passing (3,733 crashes including 70 fatal crashes)
  • Drowsy Drivers (2,181 crashes including 13 fatal crashes)

It is important to note that distracted driving caused more accidents than drunk driving and is second only to speeding as a driver error cause of accident.

If you have been hurt by a driver error in Pennsylvania, please contact a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer for more information about your rights.

*Source: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation: 2009 Pennsylvania Crash Facts and Statistics