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A Cell Phone Caused My Accident

Cell Phone AccidentsA cell phone usage policy can be tricky for a state or local government to implement.

Unlike other types of driving policies, such as a ban on drunk driving, there is a varying amount of support – and varying degrees of compliance – with cell phone bans. Cellular phone statistics indicate that while people will say that they support a ban on cell phone use while driving, they continue to use their cell phones and cause cell phone related car accidents.

People seem to think that it is a good idea to ban cell phones, but that they will not be distracted or cause an accident so they continue cell phone talking and texting while driving. Pennsylvania accident lawyer Jon Ostroff understands that some of these people are going to miscalculate their own abilities and cause serious injuries and cell phone driving deaths. If you’ve been injured in a cell phone related accident then you may be entitled to damages. Call Jon Ostroff for a free consultation. Jon is a rare attorney with more than 20 years of experience helping more than 20,000 accident victims.

People Cause Cell Phone Accidents When They Think They are Being Safe

When we think of cell phone crashes, most of us think about cell phone distractions such as holding the phone while talking, texting while driving, or using GPS or internet applications while behind the wheel.

There is no doubt that these distracting activities cause serious wrecks. However, other cell phone uses which people consider “safe” also contribute to accidents. For example, the following types of activities can cause distraction and lead to injuries and death from cell phone use while driving:

  • Using a Hands Free Cellular Phone: People think that Bluetooths and hands free headsets make cell phone use when driving safe. This is simply not true. Studies indicate that a driver’s attention is still diverted from the road when they are having a phone conversation on a hands free device. Additionally, time must be spent and attention must be diverted when dialing or answering a call, or when the hands free device needs to be adjusted.
  • Texting at a Red Light: Just because your car is stopped does not make cell phone texting while driving safe. If you are looking down at your phone you are not aware of what the cars around you are doing, you may be struck with little or no warning. You may also not be aware that a light has changed and cause confusion and, potentially, an accident.
  • Checking Messages: Just because the communication on your phone is not two way as it is when you are talking or texting, checking messages while driving can be also be very dangerous. This requires you to use your cell phone, remember or write down the content of a message, and diverts your attention from driving safely.

Jon Ostroff Helps Victims of All Kinds of Pennsylvania Cell Phone Crashes

Regardless of how a cell phone was being used while driving, the legal principles for liability are the same. A victim is entitled to damages if his or her injuries were caused by negligent driving. Call Jon Ostroff if you’ve been hurt by a distracted driver. Jon Ostroff has spent the last 20+ years helping more than 20,000 Pennsylvania accident victims. Few lawyers in America can claim this level of experience or success. Jon combines his experience with personal attention for each client. He gets to know his clients and genuinely cares about each of them. Call Jon today to discuss how he can help you recover damages if you’ve been injured by a cell phone driver.