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Camaro Clutch Disintegration: Are You at Risk?

Every driver faces car problems from time to time.  Something fails through normal wear and tear and it is often inconvenient and expensive – but it is also expected.  Chevy Camaro drivers, however, may be facing a more frustrating – and dangerous – problem.

Recently, Camaros with low mileage and no abuse have been experiencing clutch disintegration.  The nature of the problem, and the condition of the cars in which it is found, suggest that the clutch disintegration could be caused by problem with the design or manufacturing of the vehicle. 

Is Your Car Safe?

GM has not yet issued any recalls related to clutch disintegration, though it knows of the problem.  Yet, if the clutch fails, your car could stall from a very high speed and put you at risk for a high speed accident.  It can be difficult to tell that you have a problem with your clutch until you are already at risk.  If you have any suspicion that your clutch is not working as intended, it is important to have it checked by a reliable mechanic.

If you’ve been hurt, or a loved one has been killed, by a defective clutch, please contact a clutch disintegration injury lawyer for more information about your rights.