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Can You Still Sue When the Police Report is Wrong?

Protecting the public is the primary role of the police officer who is the first on the scene after an accident.

This is a noble and demanding responsibility.

Unfortunately for many PA auto accident victims, a police officer is improperly informed, or measures incorrectly, or gets caught up in a more important murder or assault investigation. Accident investigation is not a top priority for most PA police officers.

Consider that when your investigating officer arrives as the first officer on the scene, they have their hands full…

  1. The officer’s first priority is to assess and support injured accident victims.
  2. Then, the officer must control and coordinate traffic at an accident scene.
  3. The officer must speak with medical, law enforcement, family, and accident victims at a scene.
  4. The more serious the injuries, the more involved the officer is in dealing with tending to a seriously injured auto accident victim.

Below all of these priorities is accident investigation!

Once the serious injuries at an accident scene are assessed and addressed, and ambulances are requested, and the accident scene traffic is under control, and after other officers, doctors, EMT’s, family members and auto accident victims, along with tv and radio news crews have all been spoken to… and after the evidence has been kicked and trampled on by EMT’s focused on trying to save a life… NOW it’s time for your police officer to begin an accident investigation that requires preserving evidence, taking many measurements, getting statements from witnesses (some of whom have left long ago), writing up a report, and far more.

Perhaps this is why police officers receive far more training on protecting the public, rendering medical aid, traffic control, and more, then they receive on accident investigation.

After 20 years and 20,000 cases, PA Personal Injury Lawyer Jon knows what he’s looking for when he reviews an auto accident case. He knows how to overcome a bad or incorrect police report. He knows how to use the same police officer to help his client’s case. Jon has accepted and won cases that other lawyers have turned away or were handling poorly.

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The police report is wrong” are words that may concern you. If the accident was not your fault and the police report is wrong, call “20/20” lawyer Jon Ostroff at (800) 818-8148. The police report is not the deciding factor in a car accident lawsuit.  Jon is willing to challenge the report and prove what really happened.