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Drunk driver caused my injuries. What are my rights?

Drunk driver accidentMy accident was caused by a drunk driver. Can I sue a bar for serving the drunk driver when he was visibly intoxicated?

Suing a bar can be tricky. Many bars are not required to carry insurance for these types of lawsuits. Worse, many bars are worth virtually nothing. Obtaining a judgment against a worthless bar is no real value to the victim. In order to hold a bar responsible for a drunk driving accident in Pennsylvania, the victim has the burden of proving that the bar served the at fault party while they were visibly intoxicated.

When is the best time to gather evidence if you were injured by a DUI driver?

The best time to gather this evidence is immediately after a DUI accident when the potential witnesses at the bar saw the at fault driver served alcohol while he was visibly intoxicated. More importantly, these witnesses are usually more cooperative when they are emotional right after an accident. Witnesses tend to lose interest in these types of lawsuits very quickly. While there are other ways to prove that a bartender served alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person, live witnesses who actually saw the intoxicated person being served are best.

Your best bet is to find a lawyer like Jon Ostroff who is experienced in representing the victims of drunk driving accidents. You need a lawyer who will act quickly by digging in to investigate a potential case against the bar.

What is the legal limit for driving while intoxicated in Pennsylvania?

In February 2006, Pennsylvania reduced the legal blood alcohol limit for driving under the influence of alcohol from .10% to .08%. However, at times, medical testimony can establish that a driver was impaired at a lower blood alcohol level.

In Pennsylvania, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is one of the best resources for obtaining the names of attorneys who are well regarded for representing victims of drunk drivers You can reach the Pennsylvania state office of MADD by calling 1-800-848-6233.

Ostroff Injury Law built its reputation on helping families that were devastated by DUI drivers. How can Pennsylvania Attorney Jon Ostroff help you?

My 17 year old son was the passenger in a car driven by another drunk teen who became intoxicated while at a party where his parents served them beer under supervision. Can I sue the parents?

Yes. What you describe is known as the social host theory of liability. If the social host knowingly provided alcohol to a minor, or a visibly intoxicated person and that person injured you, you may sue the host over the injuries caused to you.

What are the laws outlining DUI?

In the United States, a “dram shop” case is the legal term for a bar, tavern, or wherever alcoholic beverages are sold. The word dram comes from a previous time when alcoholic beverages were sold by the dram or small unit of liquid. Dram shop liability refers to the body of law governing the liability of taverns, liquor stores and other commercial businesses that serve alcoholic beverages. Dram shop laws establish the liability arising out of the sale of alcohol to visibly intoxicated people or minors who subsequently cause death or injury to third-parties-those not having a relationship to the bar, as a result of alcohol-related car crashes and other accidents.

The dram shop laws are intended to protect the general public from the hazards of irresponsibly serving alcohol to minors and intoxicated patrons.