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It is Deer Season on Pennsylvania Roads

46% of all Pennsylvania related car accidents have occurred in October and November over the past five years. Hitting a deer is significantly different than hitting a squirrel or a raccoon. A deer can cause significant damage to your vehicle and cause you to swerve and hit another vehicle.

The number of estimated deer related accidents in Pennsylvania is in the thousands each year. Each year lives are lost (both human and wildlife), injuries are sustained, and cars are totaled.  If you do not anticipate deer in wooded areas, particularly between dusk and dawn, and if you do not slow down and provide yourself time to step to avoid a crash then you may have a serious Pennsylvania car accident.

While deer season may quiet down at year end, remember that it is still November and the risk is still high for a deer related accident. If you have been in an accident, your damage may be covered by your insurance company. Please consult an experienced PA car accident lawyer for more information.