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A “20/20” Lawyers Advice: When the Police Report is Wrong About Your Car Accident

Jon Ostroff is one of the rare lawyers in America who has handled, settled or reviewed more than 20,000 accident victim claims over the past 20 years. Jon has recovered millions for auto accident victims that the police blamed for an accident in the police report.

When you have a PA car accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to money damages for your injuries.  Your money damages should be paid by an insurance company or by the person who was responsible for your injuries.

In order to prove negligence, you must present evidence that establishes that the other party breached its duty of care to you and that you suffered injuries as a result.  Evidence may include the testimony of eyewitnesses and the police accident investigation.  It is essential that you hire an experienced Pennsylvania car accident lawyer to help you analyze the evidence, negotiate a settlement, or if necessary, take your case to trial. With 20,000 accident cases and 20 years under his belt, “20/20” attorney Jon Ostroff offers a level of experience that few lawyers in America can rival.

PA Car Accidents Settlements

“I was very seriously injured when my car was hit by a tractor trailer. The police report blamed me for causing this accident. I was knocked unconscious, so I didn’t remember a thing. Jon spent many hours, working with expensive experts, to prove that the police were wrong. Jon won an award in my favor for $5.7 million. Perhaps even more importantly, he proved the accident wasn’t my fault”

S. C.

Bradford County, PA

“I was badly injured when an oncoming van lost control and hit my vehicle head on. The van driver originally blamed another vehicle for running him off the road. Jon Ostroff found witnesses that the police never spoke with. Through these eyewitnesses, we were able to prove it was the van driver’s fault. As a result, Jon recovered over $2 million for my husband and me and he did this within a year of the accident. He recovered almost a million more for my daughter, who was also injured in the accident.

Kalie, Tom and Ainsley

Butler, PA