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Pennsylvania Accident Lawyers Can Determine if a Cell Phone Distraction

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Before you can recover damages in a cell phone related car accident, your Pennsylvania accident lawyer will need to prove that your injuries were caused by someone who was driving while on a cell phone.

Cellular phone use while driving is a distraction.  Driving safety can be compromised when a driver is talking on a hand held phone, a hands free phone, texting, emailing, or looking something up on the internet on their PDA.

For more than 20 years Jon Ostroff has been helping victims of distracted driving accidents recover monetary damages.  More than 20,000 accident victims have turned to Jon for help with their accident case.  Call him today and put that experience to work for you!

Why You Need to Prove There was a Cell phone Distraction

Most car accident victims recover damages by alleging, and proving, that another driver’s negligence caused their injuries.  In order to prove negligence in a cell phone accident, you must establish that:

  • The person who was driving while on a cell phone failed to exercise the care that a reasonable driver should exercise while driving and thereby breached his or her duty of care to you; or
  • The other driver was driving while on a cell phone and this caused the accident and your injuries.

If you can convince an insurance company, or a court, that a mobile phone accident caused your injuries then you will be entitled to monetary damages.

How You Can Prove Liability in a Cell Phone Car Crash

Before you can prove the elements of negligence described above, you first must establish that the driver was driving while on a cell phone.  Your Pennsylvania accident lawyer can help you analyze your case and gather the evidence that you need to prove that your injuries resulted from cellular phone use.  Specifically your lawyer will:

  • Talk to you and other accident witnesses about whether you or they observed a driver driving while on a cell phone;
  • Review the police report to determine if cellular phone driving was noted in the police investigation; and
  • Subpoena cell phone records to determine the exact time that the driver was using his or her cell phone and determine whether the driver was driving distracted because they were playing, texting or talking on a cell phone while driving.

Contact 20/20 Lawyer Jon Ostroff Today

Once your Pennsylvania accident lawyer establishes that another driver was using a cell phone, was distracted, and was the cause of your accident, then your lawyer will help you recover damages for your injuries.  Damages may include compensation for medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering.

Jon Ostroff is one of the few accident lawyers in the United States who has been practicing personal injury law for more than 20 years and who has helped more than 20,000 accident victims with their injury claim.  Call Jon today for a free consultation and to discuss how he can help you recover from your cell phone driving accident.