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Police errors in reporting auto accidents: How to overcome Police Report mistakes.

Police errorsWhat can I do if the police say it’s my fault but they’re wrong?

Police officers frequently make mistakes. Police officers are under serious time constraints when at the scene of an accident and often have limited training to investigate the cause of an accident. At any given moment they may be called to rush away to another emergency. If you believe that you’re not at fault, contact Jon Ostroff. Jon has won many cases that started out with the police blaming Jon’s client for an accident.

Do police reports ever get the facts wrong?

Yes, see above. Police mistakes happen during the chaos of an auto accident scene. That’s why retaining a savvy and knowledgeable auto accident victim lawyer is so important. Good lawyers go to the scene of the accident. Good lawyers look for witnesses who saw the accident, witnesses who heard the accident, and experts knowledgeable about auto accidents. Good lawyers know how to ask the right questions in order to obtain the right answers.

If you say it’s not your fault, then it’s definitely worth a call to Ostroff Injury Law at (800) 818-8148.

  • Pennsylvania auto accident victims’ attorney Jon Ostroff has obtained recoveries for clients who were initially blamed by the police. One such recovery was in excess of $5 million.
  • In one small rural Pennsylvania town, Jon Ostroff proved police officers wrong in two different accidents and recovered almost $6 million in favor of his clients.

What if the witnesses didn’t see anything?

Some of the most important witnesses didn’t see the actual accident. Good lawyers often find witnesses who may not have seen the accident but can testify about other circumstances that they did see which may be just as important. Perhaps they saw the driver talking on a cell phone? Maybe they saw the at fault party drinking shortly before the accident and spin out their tires flying out of a parking lot.

Your insurance company will never fight like this for you. Never forget, anything an insurance company offers you is probably better for them than it is for you.