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Our Lawyers Know How to Protect Your Rights

Jon Ostroff knows how frustrating it can be to read a police report that is wrong.

We often hear clients insist: “It wasn’t my fault!” Jon will use his rare “20/20” experience with personal injury cases to find the evidence that will prove what really happened! We are committed to helping clients achieve justice by overcoming a bad police report!

If a car accident was not your legal fault, we will aggressively gather evidence, track and interview witnesses, and take the steps necessary to help win your case. Once we win, auto accident victims recover money damages for accident-related medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Your recovery is based on the real facts of your case.

Bad police reports can be overcome by the right lawyer.  Jon Ostroff and Ostroff Injury Law will use 20,000 cases worth of experience to help you prove what really happened in your car accident. We will fight hard to recover fair and equitable damages for injuries that were not your fault.  Contact us today at 1-888-930-8484 or via our online contact form for a free case evaluation.  Let us help you get the recovery that you deserve!