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Teen Driving Bill Heads to Governor Corbett

On Wednesday September 28 the Pennsylvania House of Representatives sent an important bill to Governor Corbett.  The bill would add several restrictions to new teen drivers in an effort to help reduce the number of Pennsylvania teen car accidents.  Specifically, the new law would:

  • Limit teens with junior licenses to one teen passenger at a time for the first six months after getting a license and to three teen passengers at a time after six months.
  • Increase on the road driving hours from 50 to 65 before a teen with a driver’s permit could take the licensing test.
  • Make it a primary offense for people under age 18 not to have a seatbelt or age appropriate car seat.

The bill overwhelmingly passed the House, though some critics would’ve liked to have included cell phone restrictions in the bill before sending it to the Governor.  What do you think?  Does this bill go far enough and will it help protect Pennsylvania teens?