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Teenage drivers are the most dangerous group of drivers in PA

teen driver17-18 year old drivers are responsible for causing the highest percent of accidents

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) statistics show that 17-18 year old drivers are responsible for causing the highest percentage of accidents of any age group in Pennsylvania.

Representatives of PennDOT theorize that this is a result of inexperience and overzealous driving.

Teenage driving accidents are caused by:

  • A Teenager driving and texting;
  • A Teenager using his/her cell phone while driving;
  • A Teenager driving aggressively;
  • A Teenager showing off to friends;
  • A Teenage driver looking at/or distracted by his or her radio
  • A Teenage driver looking at or adjusting GPS
  • A drunk Teenage driver
  • A Teenage driver on drugs
  • A distracted Teenage driver.

If you have been hurt, or a loved one has been killed, by a distracted teenage driver, then you are entitled to be compensated for your financial or physical losses. If you’ve been in a Pennsylvania car accident, call a lawyer with real experience. Jon Ostroff has helped over 20,000 Pennsylvania accident victims over the past 20 years. As a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer, Jon can help you recover monetary damages for your injuries along with recovering your lost wages and out of pocket medical payments.

Teens: Driving and Texting is Dangerous

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a study which found that almost half of teens admit that that they text while driving.  This means that they are looking at their small phone display instead of the road! This is no different then driving with their eyes closed….in fact, it’s worse, because their hands aren’t on the steering wheel and they are concentrating on their message instead of the road. This intense distraction increases the reaction time of a texting driver by 30%, according to a texting while driving study from the University of Utah.

Aggressive and Distracted Driving is Also Dangerous

Other forms of distracted driving and aggressive driving are also dangerous.  Teenage drivers may follow other cars too closely, speed, or fail to pay proper attention to other drivers.  DUI accidents are also common among teenagers and young adults.  Any of these circumstances can lead to serious, or fatal, accidents.

Possible Solutions to Texting While Driving and Other Dangerous Teen Driving Behavior

Stories of horrific accidents, such as texting while driving stories, may be enough to scare some teens into common sense and avoid texting while driving risks.  However, not all teens will learn from the tragic stories of accidents and terrible injuries caused by texting while driving.  Some teens will need a more formal driving policy to protect themselves, and those around them, from the dangers of distracted and aggressive driving. Some ways to influence teen driving habits include:

  • Creating a Teenage Driving Contract: This is an agreement between a parent and child that governs a teenager’s use of a car. It should specifically state that there is no texting or cell phone calls while driving and no use of alcohol or drugs while driving. It should also explain other important safety measures and create consequences  if the child is to breach the agreement;
  • Driving bans: A driving ban is usually imposed by the state or municipality.  A state can choose to put a ban on talking / texting while driving for everyone or at least on teenagers specifically.  While Pennsylvania has not yet implemented a ban on texting and driving, some Pennsylvania municipalities have implemented such bans.
  • Texting While Driving Legislation: Laws about texting while driving may be enacted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and enforced by local police officers.

For many teens, texting while driving is a common occurance.  They want to continue their conversations with their friends and they think they are invincible.  Their lack of judgment leads to other risky driving behavior such as aggressive driving and distracted driving.  It is up to parents, special interest groups, and lawmakers to help teens protect themselves and those with whom they share the road.

Seek the Advice of a Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney if You’ve Been Hurt by a Teen Driver

If you have been hurt by a teen driver who was driving aggressively, who was texting while driving, or who was otherwise distracted, then you may be entitled to compensation for your financial and physical losses.  Contact an experienced Pennsylvania lawyer as soon as possible after your accident, and protect your rights by getting the financial recovery you deserve. After helping 20,000 PA accident victims over the past 20 years, Jon Ostroff has the experience that you need on your side.