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Texting While Driving Laws

Drunk driver accidentImprove Driver Safety by Addressing Accidents Caused by Texting and Driving- Contact Your Attorney Today

Around the U.S., states are just beginning to collect statistics on texting while driving.

However, there is little conflict in the texting while driving debate. The available information on texting while driving clearly establishes that texting leads to dangerous and distracted driving because it diverts the driver’s eyes from the road, diverts a dirver’s hands from the steering wheel, and diverts a driver’s attention from the roadway. Therefore, the debate should not be about whether texting while driving is good or bad, but rather about solutions to prevent texting while driving.  A lawyer experienced in representing car accident victims can be an important part of the solution to address texting while driving accidents.  In addition to providing you with a fair recovery for your injuries, your attorney should be making the car insurance companies aware of the problem. Insurance companies want to minimize accident payouts and may lobby for tougher texting laws as a result of texting lawsuits.

Texting While Driving Safety

There are several different ideas about how to reduce texting while driving accidents, such as serious car accident injuries and fatalities. Some ideas include:

  • Creating Laws to address Texting While Driving
    • each state must decide how broad this type of law should be.
      • Some states are in favor of outlawing texting while driving entirely.
      • Other states prefer laws on texting while driving for certain types of vehicles only.
        • In these states, only bus drivers, cab drivers and truck drivers may be banned from texting while driving.
    • Drivers who violate a no texting while driving law may be required to pay a fine.

  • Addressing Teen Texting and Driving can be done in a variety of ways.
    • Driver’s education programs could present studies on texting while driving and statistics for texting while driving to explain to teenagers the dangers that a single text can create.
    • Audio accounts from the victims of accidents caused by a driver who was texting while driving.
    • Videos targeted at teens and intended to impress upon the, the dangers that can arise in seconds while a driver is distracted while texing and driving.
    • Meetings with those who have caused an accident while they were driving and texting and seriously injured or killed someone else

  • Publicity of News related to Texting while Driving:
      • Publicize news stories related to driver texting while driving accidents.
      • Publicize victim accounts of the impact on their life from serious injuries they received from a driver who was texting and driving
      • Publicize important new legislation intended to prevent accidents caused by a driver who was texting and driving.
      • Publicize new court verdicts related to accidents caused by a drivers who were texting.
      • News stories related to statistics on accidents caused by drivers who are driving and texting.

  • Pressure the Insurance Industry to Promote Change by Filing Lawsuits.
    • insurance companies hate paying accident settlements.  It cuts into their profits.  The more lawsuits that are filed against texting drivers, the more likely the insurance industry is to support steps to prevent texting while driving.

It is not necessary to pick just one of the above possible solutions for texting while driving accidents. Texting and driving is a common problem and it will take several methods to decrease the occurrence of the texting while driving danger on our roads.  The only solution to preventing a texting while driving accident is to prevent an individual person from texting while driving.

Texting While Driving: Car Accidents Will Happen

While the measures described above will decrease the number of texting accident injuries, texting accidents will still happen.  Not everyone will heed the warnings or obey a state’s texting while driving laws.

If you have been hurt in a texting accident then it is important to seek the counsel of an experienced car accident injury lawyer as soon as possible.  Your lawyer must zealously advocate for your full and fair recovery and your case can be part of the solution to the dangers caused by texting while driving.

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