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The Truth About Texting and Driving

The dangers of texting and driving are often reported in the news – and with good reason.  Texting and driving is dangerous.  It causes serious injuries and fatalities every year. 

When we consider the problem of texting and driving, many of us think of teenagers who can’t stop using their phones long enough to drive safely.  However, teens are only part of the problem.

According to a new study released last week by the The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project adults are just as likely to text and drive as teens.  The study found that among adults who use text messaging, 47% of them do so while driving.  A similar study found that only 34% of teenagers who text message admit to texting and driving.  Since the percentage of adults who text is smaller than the number of teens who text, the study found that approximately 27% of adults and 26% of teens text and drive.

It is important that the dangers of distracted driving be conveyed to adults and teens alike so that more accidents can be prevented and more lives can be saved.